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Today I took the time to clean up my theme and published it on my Github account. It is on BSD License so everybody can use it. Moreover it comes with my little side project: Comimoc.

As you may already know, this blog is built with Pelican, which I am very pleased about (kudos Alexis), and hosted on Github Pages. Both work like a breeze together and it is just fun to write and publish. I had some time to make a proper theme, — it is alright if you do not like it, I am not a designer — and as I finished the basic of Comimoc and integrated it to this theme, I am now ready to publish it.

I am not expecting you to use it as it is, I know a theme for a blog is very personal, that is why I made my own. But the CSS can be easily changed and it provides some structure and example about how to use Comimoc easily with Pelican. So, done, it is on Github with a BSD License, you can fork, copy, do whatever you want. Just happy to help!